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posted on march 28, 2013

urning depots, and picking up and killing isolated militiamen, terrified at the uprising in favor of Price, Anderson dashed into Danville, Montgomery County, where sixty Federals were stationed in houses and strong places. He had but fifty-seven men, and the fight was close and hot. Gooley Robinson, one of his best soldiers, was mortally wounded while exposing himself in a most reckless manner. It was difficult to get the enemy out of the houses. Snatching up torches and braving the guns of the entrenched Federals, Dick and Ike Berry put fire to one house. Arch Clements and Dick West to another, Theo. Castle, John Maupin

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posted on march 3, 2013

and Mose Huffaker to a third, and Ben Broomfield, Tuck, Tom and Woot Hill to the fourth. It was a night of terror and agony. As the militiamen ran out they were shot down by the Guerrillas in the shadow. Some wounded, burnt to death, and others, stifled by the heat and smoke, rushed, gasping and blackened into the air, to be riddled with bullets. Eight, barely, of the garrison escaped the holocaust. 219 Anderson turned west towards Kansas City, expecting to overtake General Price there. En route he killed as he rode. Scarcely an hour of all the long march was barren of a victim. union men, militiamen, Federal soldiers, hom

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posted on December 2, 2013

e guards, Germans on general principles—no matter what the class or the organization—if they were pro-United States, they were killed. Later on, in the month of October, while well advanced in Ray County, Anderson received the first news of the death of Todd and the retreat of Price. By this time, however, he had recruited his own command to several hundred, and had joined to it a detachment of regular Confederates, guiding and guarding to the South a motley aggregation of recruits, old and young. Halting one day to rest and to prepare for a passage across the Missouri River, close to Missouri City, Anderson found one tho

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